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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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A commonly desired restriction is something like a 3-day minimum stay on a weekend, or in particular on certain holiday weekends.  Prior to version 10.0, this required some variation of Dialog or Event Actions to show a warning, or Rates to make sure it charged for 3 days anyway, but to absolutely prevent it was nearly impossible.


Version 10.0 added Reservation Restrictions, making it very easy to add such restrictions.  Here are a couple quick examples.


To set up a 3-day minimum stay on weekends:


1. Go to Maintenance / Park Setup / Reservation Restrictions.


2. Click Add restriction.


3. Enter an appropriate Description, e.g. "3-day weekends".


4. For Restriction type, select "Minimum days long".


5. For Minimum # days, enter "3".


6. Uncheck the days of the week at the bottom except Fri and Sat (presumably those nights are the ones to be restricted, requiring either a Thursday-Saturday stay or Friday-Sunday stay).


That's all that's required, unless there are other conditions, e.g. certain sites, certain dates, operator access levels, etc.  See the documentation for more details on the rest of the options.



Now let's say that instead of all weekends, you're just requiring a 3-day stay for Memorial weekend (in this case, the nights of Fri May 24th to Sunday May 26th, 2019, leaving Monday May 27th).  For step 6, you can leave all days of the week checked.  Instead, enter "5/24/19 to 5/26/19" in Season Dates Applicable.  This will ensure that if they stay any one of those days, then at least 3 days must be reserved (which would allow a stay of Sunday 5/26 through Wednesday 5/29, instead of starting Friday, since it's still more than 3 days).



What if you want to be even more restrictive, for instance if they stay any one of those weekend dates then all 3 must be reserved?  In that case, a different type of restriction is needed.  Here's the process (skipping the common steps 1-3 above):


4. For Restriction type, select "Must include a minimum # of certain dates".


5. For Min # days needed, enter "3".


6. For ...on these dates, enter  "5/24/19 to 5/26/19".


7. Also enter "5/24/19 to 5/26/19" in Season Dates Applicable.


Now it will require all 3 of those days if any one is reserved (allowing any additional days as well, of course).



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