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The information in this manual varies from the very basic to the highly complex.  If you are not comfortable with using Windows software, you should start by going through the Quick Start guide with the software, and then read the Terminology and Helpful Hints sections thoroughly before proceeding.  You may also want to skip the Setting Up… and Program Options… sections and start at The Dynamic Interactive Report Screens section for more basic program information.


If you are a seasoned Windows user, you can probably skim these sections and dig right in to the Setting Up Your Campground Database section.  The Quick Start guide is still recommended as a quick introduction to how the software works, however.


It is highly recommended that you have the software running on your computer and actually use it as you read this manual.  You can then experiment with the functions as they are described.  This is the fastest way to learn the software.  Once you actually do it yourself, you will remember it much better than just having read about it.  


WARNING - You will probably not want to use the real database for experimenting -- either use the sample database that comes with the software, or make sure you have a backup before making any changes, and know how to do a restore from the backup once you are finished experimenting.







System Requirements


Installing the Software


Running the Software


Logging In and Out


The Main Program Window


Helpful Hints --- Getting the Most Out of Your Keyboard and Mouse

  Right-click is your friend

  Keyboard shortcuts

  Data Entry Basics

  Copying and Pasting



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