Overview - Setting Up Your Campground Database

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This section provides a "brief" overview of what is required to set up a Campground Master database for your campground.  For the details, refer to the Maintenance section later in this manual.  Even if someone else does the setup, it can be helpful to learn about the basics so that you understand the software better, and in case you want to make occasional changes.  You can make most changes yourself, such as adding or changing rental sites, adding new operators, adding transaction categories, and more.





Database Basics

Database Organization


Setup Checklist


Creating your Database


Park Information and Authorization Code



Customizing Data Table Fields

Shifts Functionality

Schedule Functionality




Deposit and A/R Balances

Import Data from Other Sources

Metered electric, gas and water


Network Settings

Printing Options

Printer Setup


View menu


Status Bar

Color Keys

Product Authorizations

Minimize to the Taskbar Tray


Journal Entries

Work Orders

Audit Trail


Other Program Options





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