Version 11.2 Release Notes



These release notes list all changes since the version 11.1 release.


To upgrade to this release, you only need to install it over your current version.  There is no need to uninstall the previous version.  Any previous versions will be upgraded automatically -- you do not need to install previous upgrades before this one, and all of your data and settings will be retained.  It will make some automatic changes to your database to bring it up to date, so there may be a slightly longer delay the first time you open it.



Upgrades License Expiration Note: To use this version, your free-upgrades license must be current through 06 / 2022 (June 2022).  To check your free-upgrades license expiration date, go to View / Product Authorizations and check the "Upgrades free through" date.



Networking Note: Be sure that all workstations are upgraded at the same time (shut down all workstations, upgrade all of them, then restart them one by one starting with the master workstation).


Previous Versions Note: You will not be able to go back to using your database with a previous version of Campground Master earlier than 11.0 once you start using this version.  You WILL be able to go back to 11.0 or 11.1 releases, but will get an initial warning about opening a database from a newer version.  It will work, and you won't lose anything that's not part of the new functions in version 11.1.



General Changes:


Merge Customers -- now it will prompt for each field that is different (except blanks) and ask you to select which value to keep.


Receipts by Category report -- in details, if a manual allocation was done instead of automatic interpolation, the Description field will show "(Allocated)" instead of "(Interpolated)"


If the Label field is enabled for reservations, always include that column in Find Reservation


Allow Reservation user-defined "Attribute" fields to be Boolean (not just "Request"), and allow selecting for Rates, Quick-Prefs, etc


Added credit card option for "Allow Duplicates"  (more than one charge of the same amount to a given card on the same day).   Defaults to ON, since that's the current functionality which forces it to always allow.  Can be disabled if preferred for avoiding accidental duplicates


Added button on Transactions dialog (Reservation Transactions, etc) for "Don't Re-Use Card" to flag a cc payment transaction for not retrieving the credit card number  from it.  The button is shown below the transaction list if a credit card payment is selected.  (Or will show "Do Re-Use" if it was previously marked as "Don't Re-Use", to re-enable it).  Added access level for changing this, default to Manager.


Added option in SMTP Setup for "CC all to...", to allow copying all E-mails to an address.  Like BCC, but the recipient will be able to see the CC address.  One reason for adding this is because BCC does not work with the current implementation of GMail OAuth2 authentication.


Updated Zip Code / Postal Code lookup data.


Improved and clarified several sections of the documentation.




Bug Fixes:


Fixed -- Debit card "cash back" response from Cayan Genius terminal was crashing the program.


Fixed -- Debit/credit card receipts with cash back were not showing any transaction information.


Fixed -- Using Select Rates to enter meter readings without a reservation (e.g. through Customer Details) was crashing


Fixed -- On Payments Due and Transactions tabs, if there are no columns shown before qty/dollar amounts (Deposit, balance, etc) don't overwrite the total amount at the bottom with the "Total: xx" number of records.


Fixed -- When showing only resvs that do not have periods, and it's canceled, it was putting puts the cancel details in the wrong column


Make sure the operator's access level to check out with a balance is verified before starting check-out (e.g. before changing any dates or making synchronization changes), to avoid a catch-22 situation


Fixed -- Issues with adding days to a new reservation if the operator doesn't have access to create synchronized reservations


Fixed -- The Access Level for "Default the 'Amount to pay' for CC/Debit payments" was being ignored (filling in the amount when it shouldn't).