Version 11.3 Release Notes



These release notes list all changes since the version 11.2 release.


To upgrade to this release, you only need to install it over your current version.  There is no need to uninstall the previous version.  Any previous versions will be upgraded automatically -- you do not need to install previous upgrades before this one, and all of your data and settings will be retained.  It will make some automatic changes to your database to bring it up to date, so there may be a slightly longer delay the first time you open it.



Upgrades License Expiration Note: To use this version, your free-upgrades license must be current through 12 / 2022 (December 2022).  To check your free-upgrades license expiration date, go to View / Product Authorizations and check the "Upgrades free through" date.



Networking Note: Be sure that all workstations are upgraded at the same time (shut down all workstations, upgrade all of them, then restart them one by one starting with the master workstation).


Previous Versions Note: You will not be able to go back to using your database with a previous version of Campground Master earlier than 11.0 once you start using this version.  You WILL be able to go back to 11.0, 11.1 or 11.2 releases, but will get an initial warning about opening a database from a newer version.  It will work, and you won't lose anything that's not part of the new functions in version 11.3.



General Changes:


Added Event Actions for sending E-mail to reservations and customers.  The Context in the event is the Resv or Cust record being used, and Subject text of the E-mail. The "before" event can abort the action (not allow to send E-mail).  The "after" action could be used to set a flag on the reservation that an E-mail was sent, for instance.


Added options for whether to show the Paid Through date and Balance/Credit due on reservation receipts (Accessed through Maintenance / Printing Options / Reservations, or File / Printing Options / Reservations.)  Will not affect customized receipts Forms -- those would need to be edited manually as desired.


Added an option for the Transactions tab in detail mode (see Detail Options) to use the "Report heading" of the category instead of the "Selection name" (as defined in the Pick Lists)


POS - Show a warning if a General Discount is deleted that's still being referenced by an item.


Keep the Rack from resetting back to "All sites" if a Site is edited but the fields changed don't require a reset.


When loading a database, any changes found in the logs that were not in the database are now automatically applied.  The option to "Apply changes from the logs" is no longer offered, to prevent accidentally losing data by answering the prompt as 'No'.  (For special cases, tech support can instruct how to bypass this and not apply the changes.)


Check for Updates -- after downloading the new version, close CM and then start install, instead of requiring the user to close CM themselves


Help prevent skipping the step of setting up networking for a new client computer (which can result in data loss since it starts as a separate master) -- If Campground Master is newly installed on a PC, keep showing a warning that networking hasn't been set up until Network Setup is completed.


Improved and clarified several sections of the documentation.


Improved and clarified various error and warning messages.




Bug Fixes:



Fixed crashing when viewing certain audit trail entries if the time zone is UTC + something, e.g. UTC+10 in Australia.


Fixed -- POS - Adding an item discount and clicking Discount was adding a blank item, causing $0 discounts to be added for no reason


Fixed - QuickBooks export, allow Non-US date format to work for export even if CM's date format setting is for US dates.  Also allow non-US date format to be selected for General Journal method


Fixed -- Assign/Change site (or New Reservation) wasn't refreshing the site list after the change of the site type to "Default" unless the Use Prefs option was enabled.


Fixed -- Check for updates -- if it's a disconnected client and they are (or will be) authorized, let them download even if not Administrator (keep them from being stuck unable to download to an old WS where they don't know the login)


Fixed -- Make sure the customer chosen for testing E-mail Forms has a VALID E-mail address, so it doesn't give an error about the E-mail being bad.


Make sure E-mails going out can't have "bare line feeds" in the body



Additional bug fixes in the rev.a patch:


Fixed a bug that could cause Campground Master to shut down when sending E-mail or corrupt E-mail messages


Transactions / Summary Reports -- For non-POS users, fixed the incorrect warning saying they changed a setting before clicking a quick-report button


Transactions / Summary Reports -- For non-POS users, fixed so it defaults and remembers the "None" option for Group Totals By


Hercules users -- fixed "New install" warning so it doesn't show up every time.