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Importing data from ReserveRight software

Here are some notes we have for importing ReserveRight data. If the 2 files mentioned below already exist and are up to date, then you should be able to use them directly. If not, (especially if the history file is not up to date -- check the file's Modified date), then they may need to be exported from ReserveRight.

IMPORTANT: Some preparation in Campground Master may be needed to get the Site names, "How heard", and "Rig Type" fields to match up for proper importing before proceeding. See the Importing Notes at the bottom of this page for details.

The field names listed below are the fields as shown in the right-click menus on the Import function. Fields with just a dash are unknown at this point, and fields in parenthesis can't be imported directly.

For basic information, refer to the program Help or documentation for the import function under File / Import / Import Customer/Reservation/Transaction data. Also see the notes at the bottom of this E-mail for details specific to ReserveRight.

When loading the files in the Import function, select the "Comma-separated" option.

history.asc file:
(import this one FIRST to get customer notes, even if you don't need the historical reservation data)

Note: Import the Reservation fields from this file only if you want the historical reservations to be imported -- otherwise just import the Customer fields.

Column	Field
1	Customer / Last, first name
2	Customer / Address 2
3	Customer / Address 1
4	Customer / City
5	Customer / State
6	Customer / Zip
7	Reservation / Confirmation
8	-
9	Reservation / Notes
10	Reservation / Site Name
11	Reservation / First night
12	Reservation / Last night+1
13	-
14	-
15	Customer / Rig Type
16	Customer / rig length
17	Reservation / # Adults
18	Reservation / # Children
19	Reservation / # Pets
20-21	-
22	Customer / Phone1
23	Customer / Phone2
24	Reservation / Guarantee info  (or Customer / Guarantee info 
                                   if not importing reservations)
25-28	-
29	Customer / Notes

reserv.asc file
(import SECOND, to get current reservations and newer customer data)

Column	Field
1	Reservation / Confirmation #
2	Reservation / Site Name
3	Reservation / First Night
4	Reservation / Last Night+1
5	Reservation / Notes
6	Customer / Last, First names
7	Customer / Address 1
8	Customer / Address 2
9	Customer / City
10	Customer / State
11	Customer / Zip
12	Customer / Phone1
13	Customer / Phone2
14	Reservation / Notes
15	Reservation / Notes
16	Reservation / Notes
17	Reservation / Guarantee info (or Customer / Guarantee info 
                                  if not importing reservations)
18	Reservation / Date Made  
         (do NOT import this field if you're using a 30-day trial)
19	- (site type, do not import)
20	Customer / Rig type
21	Customer / Rig length
22	Reservation / Operator Made
23-24	- ?
25	Reservation / How Heard
26-28	-
29	- (Deposits Received - use Reservation / Notes if desired)
30-33	-
34	Reservation / # Adults    (or Customer / # Adults if not 
                               importing reservations)
35	Reservation / # Children  (or Customer / # Children if not 
                               importing reservations)
36	Reservation / # Pets      (or Customer / # Pets if not 
                               importing reservations)
37-77	-
78	- (Balance due - use Reservation / Notes if desired)
79	Customer / Car model
80	Customer / Car License
81	Customer / Car License
82	Customer / Car color
83-90	-
91 or 92 	Reservation / ReserveRight status 
         (R=pending, I=In, C=cancelled, O=Out)

Importing Notes:

The Site #'s in Campground Master must match the site numbers in the imported data. Likewise, the Rig Type and How Heard fields must match entries in those Pick Lists in Campground Master. So the things you need to have set up in Campground Master before importing are:
  • Sites (either the Abbreviation field or Full Name field in the Site Details must match the import data)
  • How Heard pick list (the Normal Text must match)
  • Rig Type pick list (the Normal Text must match) Examples from a sample file: 5WH, MH, TR
The rest of the fields are either free-form or they're understood by Campground Master in the current form (dates, numbers, etc.).

Individual Transaction information can't be imported directly, but the fields for deposits and balance could be imported to the Reservation / Notes field for reference, and then go through them afterwards to enter the appropriate transactions in Campground Master.

Note on reservation types -- when importing, the Reservation Type is always set to Normal (Reservright doesn't make any distinction). This can be later changed to Monthly or other types as needed through Reservation Details.

Deposits -- The imported data has a deposit amount but no specific transaction data. If there are just a few of these or you don't have deposits, then you can ignore this and enter any Deposit transactions manually after importing. If you want to import the deposits, then after importing the reserv.asc file as listed above, go back and do another Import of the same file. This time only select three fields:
  • 1 Reservation / Confirmation #
  • 2 Reservation / Site Name
  • 29 Transations / Total
This will add the Deposit transactions to the appropriate reservations.

Click here for complete information about importing in our online documentation

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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