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Point of Sale Hardware Pricing

For details on what hardware is supported and how to choose which items you need, see the POS Hardware Information Page.

Order your POS Equipment from Cottonwood Software

We've listed items below that we supply and guarantee to work with Campground Master. The benefit of purchasing through us is a better level of support and assistance in selecting the ideal equipment for your needs (and one-stop shopping).

Our prices are shown below (not including shipping charges and Arizona sales tax if applicable).

Please call to order -- online ordering is not available for hardware, because we need to make sure you're getting the right equipment and options.

POS bundles

Buy one of these popular sets of equipment as a bundle and save $25 or more.

Basic Credit Card set -- For just credit card processing.
$475 Magtek mini-mag reader & Epson U200 printer (USB interface)

Recommended POS set -- This is our most popular set of equipment.
$825 Metrologic 9520 scanner, Epson U200 printer (USB), APG 100 cash drawer

High-traffic POS set -- For busy POS counters with credit card processing.
$1250 Metrologic 9520 scanner, Epson thermal printer (USB), APG 100 cash drawer, PD-3000U pole display and Magtek mini-mag

Individual POS Items

Click on the model numbers to see a picture and description.

Bar code scanners (keyboard wedge)
$250 MK9520U Metrologic 9520 hand held laser (USB interface)
$400 MEMK6720 Metrologic 6720 Cubit omnidirectional laser
$650 MEMK7620 Metrologic 7620 in-counter laser scanner

Receipt Printers
$375 TMU220U Epson U200 series, USB interface
$500 TMT-88iv-U Epson TM-88iv, USB interface
(For USB printer drivers, please Contact us.)

Cash drawers (interface to receipt printer, select printer brand when ordering)
$225 CR 3000 Logic Controls basic drawer, 1 media slot
$250 APT320 APG 100 Series, adjustable media slots
Extra cash drawer tray inserts for any model are available for $100 each.

Cash drawers with direct connection (if no receipt printer used)
$300 APT320 USB APG 100 Series, adjustable media slots, USB interface
$300 MCD 240-S MMF drawer with serial interface
$425 ECD 232-PL MMF drawer with pass-through parallel interface

Pole displays
$275 PD-3000U Logic Controls, USB interface, 1 side
$250 PD-3000S Logic Controls, serial interface, 1 side

Mag stripe readers
$125 21040145 Magtek dual-head mini-mag (USB, track 1, 2 & 3)

PC Charge Pro software (for credit card processing, if not using the free X-charge software)
$650 PC Charge Pro, single Single-user license, with 1 yr premium support. Additional users $125 each
$1050 PC Charge Pro, unlimited Unlimited-user license, with 1 yr premium support. (Best deal if more than 6 users)

Bar Code software (for printing inventory bar code labels, etc.)
$125 TELM7QD Teklynx Label Matrix "Quick-draw", single computer

Receipt Printer Supplies
$100 STRC200B STAR SP200/500 ribbons, black, case/12 (or $10 each individually)
$100 EPERC38B Epson U200 ribbons, black, case/12 (or $10 each individually)
$95 RP3000P1 Epson/STAR roll paper, 3" x 145', 1-ply, case/50 (or $2.50 each)
$125 RP3000P2 Epson/STAR roll paper, 3" x 100', 2-ply, case/50 (or $3 each)
$125 RP3125T Epson TM-88III thermal paper, 3.125" x 230', case/50 (or $3 each)

Your order will be shipped to you directly from our supplier, to keep the prices as low as possible (no double-shipping). Normal delivery is 5 business days, but 2-day and next-day shipping is available.

All prices above include interface cables as needed. Receipt printers include 10 rolls of single-ply paper and 2 ribbons (or 10 rolls of thermal paper).

Note that all devices are available in either white or black color (even if the photo only shows one color), so please specify the desired color when ordering.

Products carry warranties from the manufacturer. Any warranty returns or repairs must be handled directly with the manufacturer.

All hardware returns for issues other than warranty are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Items must be double-boxed (in the original manufacturer box inside a shipping box), in like-new condition with all included accessories and packing materials. Sender pays return shipping, and must contact us for shipping address and procedure. No refunds will be given if these rules are not followed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
Whit's End Campground
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