Adding a Date column for transactions on E-mail receipts

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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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The date of each transaction isn't included in the default E-mail forms because it reduces the room available for the description, unless you start using a wider format.


However you can create a custom version that does include the Date.  


First you need to import a sample "Custom" version that is equivalent to the one you want to modify.  See the documentation here for general instructions importing and changing the E-mail forms:


For instance, the file that copies the Confirmation E-mail with a transactions table is "Sample Forms - E-mail confirmation with transactions v9.1".  Or if you want the E-mail Receipt, use "Sample Forms - E-mail receipt with transactions v9.1"



Once you import an appropriate custom version, follow these steps:


Edit the form, and locate the "Transaction Table" element near the bottom of the form, Edit that element, and change the column size for Date to something other than 0 (e.g. at least 9, and may need to be larger depending on the date format you're using in Program Options / Formats).


You may also need to increase the width of the Email form in general (# characters), as well as the table element:


1. In the Transaction Table element (Edit Form Element), where it shows Right: Relative (height/width), increase that by the number of columns you're using for the Date.


2. Back on the Edit Form Definition page, change Character columns to the same number of columns. used above.




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