Reporting revenue for just online reservations

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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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If you're using a special How-Heard or Resv Type for the online reservations, then you could use that in the Transaction Report filtering (More Filters, Site/Reservation filtering).


Otherwise, the only way to recognize online reservations is to check the Online ID to see if it has something in it.  For this you have to create a Query.  Rather than create a whole separate report for this, one option is to simply add Query to the On Site tab view that has an appropriate condition in it.


If you're familiar with importing sample Queries, there's already one that has this set up (as of version 10.0) : import the file "Sample Query - Has Online Resv ID".


Otherwise, you can make a simple Query yourself:


1. Go to Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Queries.  Click Add Query, and select "List Query".  Enter a name, like "Has online ID".  Make sure Base Table is "Reservations".


2. Click "Edit Filtering Conditions", "Add New Condition", and enter this expression:

 Reservations:Resv_Online_Request_ID != ""


3. Now Save back to Edit List Query Definition, click Quick-Add Fields, and add the "Online ID" field (press F1 if you're not sure how to select a field there).  Save the Query.



Now once you have that Query created or imported, go to the On Site tab view, click Options, and select the imported query for "Query to add with additional info".  You'll also need to select the "Total paid" field in the Options, if that's what you're looking for.


Important: Remember that as long as this additional Query is selected, the On Site tab will ONLY show online reservations.  To revert to normal operation, go back to Options and remove the Query selection.


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