Removing details from credit card slips

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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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Q: The new credit card slips have so many lines on them that don't seem necessary.  Is there a way to get rid of that new stuff?


A: When using either X-Charge XpressLink or Cayan's Genius platform for processing EMV cards (chip cards), many additional "EMV fields" are provided in the results of the transactions.  As of version 10, however, you can select which fields are actually included on the receipts.  (Please contact your credit card provider to make sure you don't remove anything that will open you up to liabilities).


Access these selections by clicking the "EMV fields on receipts" button through either the XpressLink Settings or the MerchantWare Settings dialogs (through Maintenance / Credit Cards / Processing Setup).


Some of these fields are required, and some are not strictly required but recommended.  By default, all of the recommended ones are selected.  Change the selections as desired by Shift-Clicking to select or deselect each item.


Custom Forms Note: If you're using custom versions of the receipts (through Advanced Customizations / Forms), the script "RcptCCEMVInfo" must be replaced to recognize these selections.  To do this:


1. Go to Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Forms


2. Locate the script "RcptCCEMVInfo" (if there are others with (copy 1), etc in the name ignore those -- in fact they should be deleted).


3. Edit that script and change the name (e.g. to "RcptCCEMVInfo old"), and save it.


4. Click "Import scripts",  and you'll get a typical Windows file-open dialog labeled "Import Scripts".


5. You need to locate the Samples folder, which is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Campground Master\Samples (most likely you just need to double-click the "Samples" folder to get there, but you may have to navigate to the C: drive first using the "Look In" drop down at the top").


4. Now select the file "Sample Scripts - New RcptCCEMVInfo", and click Open.  if you get a warning that some files were renamed, then you didn't properly rename the original one in step 3 above.  You'll need to make sure the original one is renamed or deleted, and make sure the new one that it added to the bottom has correct name (remove the " copy 1" from the name -- make sure there's no space left at the end of the name).


Now your custom receipts should use the EMV field selections properly.



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