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(This is a continuation of the Edit Rate Definition Dialog documentation -- see that topic for more information.)



Next is the Transaction Template section. This operates just like the New Transactions dialog, but instead of transaction entry dialogs opening you will use the grid-entry method to enter the data.  Add each transaction that you want to appear for this rate, and enter an Each amount (how much for each day, or week, or item, etc.).  The Each amount will later be multiplied appropriately.


Typically you will simply enter a Charge transaction here, with the appropriate category, description, quantity (optional) and amount.  Note that in some cases the description will be modified later.  For instance if the charge is for multiple sites, it may add "(5 days x 2 sites)" to the description.  Electric, gas and water meter charges also have their descriptions altered (see the Rate Types explanation above).


If you don't see a Category you want to use for the charge, you can make your own through Maintenance / Pick Lists / Transaction Categories.  See that section for details.


You can also add appropriate discounts here.  For instance, it's recommended that for a Good Sam rate of $18, you add a Charge for the standard rate of $20, and then add a Discount of $2.  This will be more descriptive on the receipt and also allow you to generate reports about the discounts.


Notes on Quantity -- This field should almost always be left blank (which assumes a quantity of 1, multiplied by whatever is necessary like # of days, weeks, etc. as described below).  The primary purpose of this field is to have an item that is sold as a bundle, where you want a total quantity to show on the receipts.  For instance if it's for a box of 25 candy bars for $10 instead of single candy bar (perhaps sold at a discount), then you could put 25 in the quantity and the unit price (e.g. $0.40) in the Each field.  The other use for the quantity field is for manually adding specific tax amounts (see below).


You can also do calculations using other information from the Reservation by using an expression.  See the separate topic "Using Calculated Expressions for Transaction Values" for details.




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Be sure to go through the Rate Setup Examples for help with basic rates setup.  We don't recommend attempting to set up your rates without working through some of the examples first!


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