Meters - Handling different numbers of digits (revisited)

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(From Newsletter #47, Feb 4, 2019)

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In previous versions, you had to add a separate Park record to handle sites that had different numbers of digits in their meters.  As of version 10.0, there is an alternative.  You can override the meter wrap-around numbers on a site-by-site basis.


(If you do not yet have version 10.0, you can view the article from Newsletter 20 here for the previous method used: Meters - Handling different numbers of digits)



Before setting different numbers, you will need to enable the appropriate fields.  In Maintenance / Park Setup / Site Fields, enable "Override Meter wraps" and also the appropriate wrap fields for the meters you need to use ("Wrap Electric Meter", etc)".  


Now go to Site Details for the site you need to set up and click on the "Meter Wraps" button to select the "Override" option and set the wrap numbers for this site.  Tip -- put the most commonly used wraps in the Park record, to minimize the number of sites for which you have to enter individual settings (you only have to use the "Override" option on sites that are different than the Park Setup values).



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