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Work Orders are for making manual entries of items to be done.  These can be entered as "General" work orders (system-wide), or for specific Sites.  While generally designed as a to-do list of tasks to be done, you could also use it to enter notes for the staff to review each day or a reminder system for later events.


Here are the key features of the Work Orders:


Besides the primary Date (the date it was added), you can optionally track the Date Due, Start Date, and Done Date.

Several of the fields can be disabled if preferred (see Data Field Definitions / Work Orders).

You can also add any number of custom User fields, just like you can for Sites, Customers, etc.

The View / Work Orders function operates as a report as well as a way to enter general work orders.

A "Work Orders" button is added to Site Details, and a "Site Work orders" function is on the right-click menu for sites.  Either one will open the Work Orders list but will be limited to showing work orders for that one site.

From the Work Orders list, you can Add a work order, Delete a work order, View the details (any number of Notes can be entered for a work order), or mark work orders as "Done".  Note that when marking it Done, the Done Date field will be set to the current day automatically (if that field is enabled).

Access Levels are available to limit access to various work order functions (viewing, adding, editing, marking done, etc.)

You can create a Color scheme that will highlight sites with any work orders not done, or create a Query for work orders to report them using your own custom fields and filtering.




Further Topics:


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