Exporting to iCal Files

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Once you have it set up to Export iCal files, there are 2 ways you can initiate the exporting and uploading (if enabled) of the files:


Go to File / Export / Export to iCalendar files, and click the button to Export or Export and Upload.


If you're also configured for Importing iCal files, you can go to Reservations / Retrieve Online Reservations, select "iCal files" for the Source, and click the Export iCal files (or Upload iCal files) button.



This will go through all iCal Profiles with the "Export" type, and create files for all applicable sites as defined by the filtering in each Profile. Each iCal file will contain "events" for the reservations and possibly other unavailable dates for that site, again following the criteria in the Profile.


If you only use the Export option and don't have Campground Master upload them, then it's up to you to do something with the iCal files generated (e.g. using your web site management tools to upload them, or send them to someone for further handling).


If you use the Upload option, then they will all be uploaded to your web site, as directed by the FTP settings in the iCal setup, and to the directory as defined in the Profile.  From there it's up to your online reservation service to access the files (for instance, your service may grab the files every 15 minutes to update availability).


Again, be aware that this is not real-time and cannot prevent double-booking of those sites.  It's up to you to manage the exporting/uploading in a timely manner, importing online bookings into Campground Master regularly, and to limit local/offline booking of sites to minimize issues.


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